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Windshield Calibration
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ADAS Calibrations in Littleton, CO

Windshield calibration is a process that ensures the sensors and cameras on your windshield are in the correct positions, allowing your vehicle to detect and respond to traffic and obstacles. Your windshield is the primary location for the sensors and cameras that advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) use.

These systems include lane departure warnings, collision avoidance sensors, and automated braking. Without proper windshield calibration, these systems may not function effectively, risking the safety of drivers and passengers.

Common Issues With Uncalibrated Windshields

Uncalibrated windshields can result in malfunctions of ADAS systems, which can have serious implications. These malfunctions may include lane departure warnings failing to operate, sensors being unable to detect obstacles accurately, or automated emergency braking not engaging when necessary.

These issues can significantly increase the risk of accidents, leading to vehicle injuries and damage. Therefore, it is crucial to properly calibrate windshields.

How To Know if You Need Windshield Calibration

Most vehicles equipped with ADAS features will alert drivers to potential calibration issues. If your vehicle’s ADAS system does not seem to be working correctly, it’s time to check the sensors and cameras mounted on your windshield. It’s important to have a professional technician check these systems regularly to prevent malfunctions.

Signs of ADAS System Malfunction

Understandably, your ADAS system plays various roles in your vehicle. Look for the following system malfunctions as you operate the vehicle.

Benefits of Windshield Calibration

Windshield calibration offers several benefits for vehicle owners. For starters, it ensures the accurate functioning of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Through precise calibration, these sensors and cameras work to enhance road safety.

Windshield calibration also helps maintain the optimal performance of the vehicle’s ADAS features. Over time, factors such as road vibrations and windshield replacements can affect the alignment and accuracy of the sensors and cameras. By regularly calibrating the windshield, you can correct inaccuracies.

Furthermore, proper windshield calibration can help prevent false activations and malfunctions of ADAS features. Good systems can distinguish between real obstacles and false signals, reducing the likelihood of unnecessary interventions by the ADAS system. Accurate system decisions minimize distractions caused by false alerts.

Windshield calibration is essential for preserving warranty and insurance coverage for some vehicles. Many insurance companies require windshield recalibration after replacements to ensure the ADAS system functions correctly. Adhering to these rules can avoid potential issues with insurance claims or warranty coverage.

Types of Windshield Calibrations

There are two types of windshield calibration: static and dynamic. Static calibration can happen when your vehicle is stationary, while dynamic calibration involves driving the vehicle. The type of calibration needed depends on the make and model of your vehicle and your type of ADAS system. However, it’s important to understand both methods.

Dynamic Calibration

During dynamic calibration, the vehicle performs calibration while in motion. The ADAS system gathers data and recalibrates itself as you drive the vehicle under specific conditions. Sensors and cameras analyze real-time information to make necessary adjustments for optimal performance.

ADAS features such as lane departure warnings, adaptive cruise control, and automatic emergency braking typically require this type of calibration.

Static Calibration

When calibrating the sensors and cameras mounted on the windshield, technicians perform static calibration while the vehicle remains stationary. This process involves aligning and positioning the components correctly using specialized equipment.

The technician utilizes targets and tools to ensure the precise positioning of these components according to manufacturer specifications. Manufacturers often require static calibration for ADAS features such as forward collision warning, blind-spot detection, and parking assist systems.

Who Can Perform Windshield Calibrations?

It might be tempting to try DIY calibration, but it’s a job vehicle owners should leave to the professionals. Trained technicians equipped with the proper tools and equipment perform windshield calibration. These technicians possess specialized knowledge and experience in working with ADAS systems, meaning they can better achieve proper calibration.

Overview of Performing Windshield Calibrations

Professionals perform windshield calibration using special equipment and following specific procedures. Read through this general overview of procedures to better understand the process.

How To Choose the Right Professional

When choosing the right technician for your windshield calibration, look for a professional who has experience with your vehicle’s ADAS system. It is also essential to seek out a professional who values safety and follows proper safety procedures.

You don’t want to put yourself or your passengers at risk by working with someone who does a hasty (and inaccurate job). Furthermore, it’s important to think about convenience. Sometimes, you may need a technician to come to your home, workplace, or other site to perform calibrations. In that case, a professional specializing in mobile windshield calibrations can help you.


Why Opt for ADAS Calibrations?

Prioritizing Safety: Elevate your overall vehicle safety by entrusting us with recalibrations that ensure your ADAS features operate flawlessly.
Precision in Performance: Maintain the accuracy of your safety features, safeguarding their effectiveness in identifying and responding to potential hazards.
Manufacturer-Aligned Expertise: Abide by specific recalibration guidelines provided by vehicle manufacturers, aligning your vehicle with industry safety and performance standards.
Insurance Confidence: Fulfill insurance policy requirements with our comprehensive maintenance and calibration services, potentially influencing liability and coverage in unforeseen events.
Legal Assurance: Navigate regional regulations seamlessly by ensuring your vehicle complies with standards for the proper functioning of safety systems through our recalibration expertise.
Resale Value Security: Preserve your vehicle's resale value by showcasing well-maintained and calibrated ADAS, a compelling selling point for discerning buyers.
Eliminate Unwanted Alerts: Say goodbye to false alarms and unnecessary interventions by recalibrating sensors, ensuring a frustration-free driving experience with your safety features working precisely as intended.

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