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    How long will they stay clear?

    It depends. We guarantee 2 years of complete clarity. If your headlights begin to cloud up within 2 years after our service, we will restore your headlights at no cost. Try to keep your car clean with regular washes, wax your headlights if or when you wax your car, and apply the powerful UV protectant spray we sell every other month and your headlights could stay like new for several years. Even if you don’t do any of this, our protective clear coat should still keep your headlights looking new for over 2 years. However, applying the spray we sell regularly should keep them looking new for the life of your vehicle. Do not use window cleaners on your headlights! Those products are made for glass, not plastic. Glass cleaners do more harm than good because they contain alcohols, ammonia, or solvents which will degrade the plastic and speed the cloudy, yellow process much faster.