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    3 Reasons to get Your Auto Glass Chip Repaired Now

    Something as simple as a small windshield chip could lead to major problems. The chip compromises your vehicle’s safety and puts you at risk. You might think a chip is unimportant, but here are three reasons why you should contact Colorado Auto Glass, your trusted Denver auto glass repair company today.

    1. A minor windshield chip can become a major crack.

    You might do something simple, like drive over a pothole or hit a bump. In Denver auto glass is a common repair because of the terrain. Denver is known for it’s off-road driving trails. These rocky trails lead to many Denver auto glass repairs. The force from a hit or bump can put pressure on the chip causing it to crack. The cost to repair a crack is more than the cost to repair a small chip. It’s even possible that the crack would be too large to repair. In that case, you’d need an auto glass company to replace the entire windshield.

    2. Windshield chips obstruct your view and decrease safety.

    Driving with a damaged windshield makes it more likely to have an accident. And depending on the chip’s location, it could distort your view. The windshield is also weaker when it has a chip. That means it might not support the roof or keep you safely inside during an accident. Colorado Auto Glass can quickly make your windshield safe again.

    3. A simple chip repair is fast and inexpensive.

    There’s really no reason to avoid making such an important repair. Repairing a chip is fast and not that expensive, and your auto insurance might foot the bill. But it depends on the type of coverage you have. If you have comprehensive auto insurance, it’s likely you can get help paying for the repair. Even if you don’t have comprehensive coverage, you may have full auto glass coverage. Pull out your auto insurance policy and take a look. It should indicate your level of coverage and what it includes. Before calling Colorado Auto Glass, make sure to review your auto insurance policy.

    The Windshield is Important

    Your windshield provides protection for you and your passengers. The longer you ignore the chip, the quicker it can turn into a major problem. Contact Colorado Auto Glass, your trusted Denver auto glass company today to schedule a repair. You need a reliable Denver auto glass repair company, and Colorado Auto Glass is among the best.

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